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Whatever your SEO strategy or needs, access to the right search engine data helps your brand stay relevant, visible and ranking highly.

With residential proxies for SEO scraping, you can collect the most accurate SERP data from every search engine globally and level up your ad, content, keyword and backlink strategies.

Boost your SEO ranking

Collect and analyze quality SERP data including:
· Website links
· Images
· Videos
· Maps
· Featured snippets
· Other types of content relevant to your brand or industry

With proxies you can step up SEO monitoring to boost brand visibility. Easily identify high-traffic keywords, build your organic search presence and discover opportunities to improve your ranking.

Outplay the market with intelligent forecasting

Use residential proxies to anticipate trends early with access to better contextual data.

Plan and adjust your SEO strategy by predicting upcoming market trends. Be the first to identify relevant keywords by analyzing search patterns and tracking industry competitors across every search engine worldwide.

Build Better Backlinks

High-quality backlinks from reputable websites can help improve your SEO ranking, increase website traffic and elevate brand visibility.

Backlinks will establish your website as an authoritative source for industry information. With GoProxies you can scale your backlink library, discover where you’re being mentioned, identify new link opportunities and gain competitor insight.

SERP by City

Search results can change depending on location. WIth GoProxies, you receive thorough and accurate SERP results - adjusted for any city, state or country.

Monitor ad page results by any location to stay up to date with any changes in both macro and micro detail.

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Proxies for SEO and SERP

Unlimited Sessions

Run multiple scripts simultaneously and collect data from different websites and sources quickly and efficiently.

Unblockable Proxy Tech

Avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAS with a global pool of proxies, continuously growing and rotating.

Worldwide coverage and access

With millions of reliable proxies spread across every country, you can select by state or even city.

Personal Dashboard

Use our simple dashboard to manage, customize and configure all your proxies in one place.

99.99% uptime

GoProxies has a flawless uptime record, for reliable static residential proxies around the clock.

Dedicated Support

Get your own dedicated account manager to speed up or optimize your projects. Our friendly support team is also available 24/7 for any questions.

Ethically sourced residential IPs

Our residential IPs are ethically sourced from real people with genuine local connections.

Supports third party integrations

Gather unique and granular intel on trends, keywords and improve lead generation.

User Experience

Dedicated team

Get a dedicated account manager to optimize your price monitoring. Our support team is available 24/7 so there’s always someone to chat with.


Capture data effortlessly with tailored solutions. Integrate with a global residential proxy network and turn data insights into growth.

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Why are proxies useful for SEO?
SEO professionals and marketing agencies often use proxies and web scraping tools to gather data on search engine results pages (SERPs), optimize websites for local search, conduct keyword research, and build backlinks.

Proxies can also be used to scrape data from different geographic locations, which can be helpful for understanding local search results and identifying opportunities to target specific regions.
Why is location important for SEO?
Location matters for local SEO because search engines like Google use location information to provide users with relevant and personalized search results. When a user searches for a local business or service, Google will typically show results that are geographically close to the user's location. 

Local businesses that optimize their websites for local SEO and provide accurate location information are more likely to appear in the search results and attract local customers. This is especially important for businesses that operate in competitive markets where other businesses are also trying to attract local customers.
What are the best proxies for collecting SERP data?
Residential proxies can be the best choice for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because they use real IP addresses that are associated with residential devices, making them appear more natural to search engines. 

This means any business or agency can simulate searches from different locations and avoid being blocked by search engines, which can lead to more effective SEO strategies and better search rankings. 
Why are residential proxies best for SEO?
Since residential proxies use real IP addresses, they are less likely to be flagged as suspicious or blocked by search engines. This can result in a higher success rate for tasks such as web scraping, keyword research, and link building.

GoProxies offers a large pool of IP addresses to choose from, which can help you avoid detection and provide a more varied set of search results. Check out our pricing page to find the best fit for your SEO strategy.