About Us

GoProxies is a premium proxy provider that caters to business intelligence needs, providing clients with direct access to ethically sourced, highest quality proxies from around the world. With a strong focus on ethically sourced residential IP addresses, GoProxies allows businesses to engage in web monitoring for competitive advantage.

Business intelligence in the digital economy 

Data is the fuel of the digital economy. With an ethical, global proxy platform, you will always make the most informed and profitable decisions for your business, no matter how fast-paced or dynamic your industry. 

GoProxies empowers your business to leverage web data insights to consistently drive growth and success. 

Ethical at its core 

We are a proxy network dedicated to ethically-driven data collection, so you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that your growth is supported by real people who have happily consented and may earn from their IPs use in the network.

Our mission

To turn the world’s web data into a positive force for business and innovation. We aim to create a digital world where businesses can access web data in a responsible and ethical manner, without compromising users' privacy or data security.

We envision a future where businesses and users can coexist harmoniously in a digital ecosystem built on trust and mutual respect.

Our values 

We are committed to upholding the values of data privacy, security, and transparency while providing businesses with reliable and actionable web data insights.
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