Proxies for
Counterfeit Detection

Don’t let counterfeit products flood the market and undermine your brand's reputation.

Use GoProxies to access online marketplaces and websites from around the world, giving you the power to monitor and detect fake products as they’re listed.

Discover counterfeits
with real-time data

Protect your customers and your business from fraud.

With GoProxies, you can collect data and detect patterns that indicate counterfeiting activity, monitoring multiple online sources simultaneously including marketplaces, social media platforms and e-commerce websites. 

Have eyesin every market

With proxies for every city, you can scrape any website worldwide and collect the most accurate snapshot of your counterfeit situation.

Monitor illegitimate products as they appear online and prevent fraudulent activity before it has a chance to spread through different markets.

Keep your investigation anonymous

GoProxies will always mask your IP address and location, so you can conduct your research at scale without being detected or blocked.

This is especially important when investigating counterfeiting operations, which can often involve sophisticated networks that are hard to expose.

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Proxies for Threat Intelligence Data

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Run multiple scripts simultaneously and collect data from multiple websites and sources quickly and efficiently. 

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Avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAS with a global pool of proxies, continuously growing and rotating.

Worldwide coverage
and access

With millions of reliable proxies spread across every country, you can select by state or even city.

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Use our simple dashboard to manage, customise and configure all your proxies in one place.  


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Ethically sourced residential IPs

Our IPs are ethically sourced from real people with genuine local connections.

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Why are proxies useful for counterfeit detection?
Proxies can help your business identify and track down suspicious or counterfeit listings. These may include products that are priced significantly lower than their retail value, products with poor quality images or descriptions, or listings from unfamiliar or untrustworthy sellers.

To get a more comprehensive view of the counterfeit market for a particular product or brand, you can repeat the search process using different proxy servers. This can help you identify patterns or trends in the counterfeit market and provide more accurate results.

Proxies can also help you find the counterfeiters themselves by providing valuable information about their location, identity, and activity.
What type of proxy should I use for counterfeit detection?
Rotating Residential Proxies offer the best solution for your counterfeit tracking.  Some websites and marketplaces have specific measures in place to block IP access after a certain number of requests over an extended period of time. This limits your activity and hinders scalability.

With rotating residential IP addresses, it's almost impossible for websites to detect that you are the same user, so you can continue scraping with ease.

With this automated rotation of IPs, you get unlimited scraping without any detection. It provides an extra layer of anonymity and security for higher-demand web scraping needs