Proxies for
Market Research

Market research is one of the best ways for any business to maintain their competitive advantage. With an ethically sourced global proxy pool, your research is never limited by location.

GoProxies gets you access to the highest quality market data from around the world to make the most informed and profitable decisions for your business.

Global market insights

One of the main obstacles in getting comprehensive datasets for market research is geo restrictions, IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. Luckily, GoProxies can solve these frustrations very easily. Use our global proxy pool to gather market data from any country in the world, easily build expertise in both local and global markets, and analyse your competitors to stay ahead of current industry trends.

We offer ethically sourced IPs spread across every country in the world, so you can narrow down your location to specific cities and conduct research without limits.

Faster Research & Faster Results

Every market is constantly evolving. For market research data to be useful, you need to analyse it rapidly, making it nearly impossible to conduct in-depth market research manually. Not to mention, manual research is a breeding ground for human error. Without the proper tools and knowledge, you may draw incorrect conclusions which lead to critical flaws and financial losses for your business. Scaling up market research doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

GoProxies is your specialised tool for ensuring fast, accurate, valuable insights so you can stay on top of market trends and ahead of your competitors.

Why Use GoProxies for market research?

Don’t waste precious time manually collecting data that is irrelevant or out of date. At GoProxies, we offer you a fast and accurate solution for your market research needs so you can focus on analysis and action.

Experience seamless research with access to the freshest market data and a consistent flow of new and relevant information.

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Proxies for Market Research

Unlimited Sessions

Run multiple scripts simultaneously and collect data from different websites and sources quickly and efficiently.

Unblockable Proxy Tech

Avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAS with a global pool of proxies, continuously growing and rotating.

Worldwide coverage
and access

With millions of reliable proxies spread across every country, you can select by state or even city.

Personal Dashboard

Use our simple dashboard to manage, customize and configure all your proxies in one place.

99.99% uptime

GoProxies has a flawless uptime record, for reliable static residential proxies around the clock.

Dedicated Support 

Get your own dedicated account manager to speed up or optimize your projects. Our friendly support team is also available 24/7 for any questions.

Ethically sourced residential IPs

Our residential IPs are ethically sourced from real people with genuine local connections.

Supports third party integrations

Gather unique and granular intel on trends, keywords and improve lead generation.

User Experience


Get a dedicated account manager to optimize your price monitoring. Our support team is available 24/7 so there’s always someone to chat with.


Capture data effortlessly with tailored solutions. Integrate with a global residential proxy network and turn data insights into growth.

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