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Canada proxy
370,432 IPs

Efficiently reach target websites by optimising scraping operations with our vast network of Canada proxy service. Gain access to over 370 thousands rotating and static residential proxies spanning across entire country.

Canada GoProxies for Any Purpose or Use case

Global price Monitoring

Collect the latest data from any brand or business online and track prices in real-time.

Ad Verification

Our proxy pool keeps growing based on new demand. If you have a particular need, we’ll find proxies for it.

Market Research

Keep an eye on your competitors’ movements and spot market trends before they take off.

Protect your brand

Identify market trends before they take off and closely monitor every competitor's movements.

Optimize your Aggregators

Source the best deals buried in different locations. Make your aggregation platforms the most appealing to consumer demands.

Turbocharge your Social media

Elevate your brand with campaigns driven by sophisticated data and industry trends.


Maintain anonymity and prevent blocks in your cybersecurity operations. Malicious sites try to avoid detection but proxies let you catch them.

SEO Monitoring

Gather unique and granular intel on trends, keywords and improve lead generation.

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