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Introducing Pay-As-You-Go!

Better Scaling and More Freedom of Choice: Introducing Pay-As-You-Go!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the proxy game or are a seasoned business veteran, it is sometimes difficult to figure out which subscription to use. After all, if it is your new project, you may not be sure how much traffic you require, and if it is a continuation – how much should you scale the usage to maximize the results?

We hear these problems our customers are facing, and we are happy to introduce a GoProxies solution to them: a proxy Pay-As-You-Go model for rotating residential proxies in self-service. How is it any different from the casual subscription model, and what are the uses for it?

Easy Proxy Pay – Uncertainty, Begone!

Many proxy providers, including us, provide fixed subscription plans for their products. That is, you pay a fixed price at a repeating rate for a set amount of bandwidth. This is completely fine when the company or account projects are calculated, and it is certain what kind of expenses are required to cover these online operations.

But what if you start something new? What if you wish to experiment? Set subscription packages could be a burden in this case. This is where the flexible residential rotating proxy pay-as-you-go model comes to the rescue. With it, you have the freedom to choose how many GBs of traffic you would like to purchase for the month. This means that you can play around with the numbers with lower risk in regard to cost and indulge in flexible projects.

The amount of traffic that you can purchase ranges from just 1 GB to a pretty much unlimited count of 999 GBs! Thiis proxy pay-as-you-go solution also comes with all the benefits of the casual subscriptions, such as unlimited concurrent sessions, unlimited talk with support if there are any issues, and an incredible amount of ethically sourced residential IPs to go through.

With all this freedom of choice, you get the chance to try out your projects and see how it goes without any commitment to subscriptions and renewals. Though, what happens if you need some more?

Scale as You Wish, Pay as You Go

So, you purchased a few gigabytes of traffic here and there, but your project started to grow, and now you need more. What should you do then? Get back to our proxy pay-as-you-go solution, of course. In cases where you use up all the gigabytes that you purchased, you can always buy some more to efficiently scale your operations.

This is handy if you wish to calculate costs and hit that mark where benefits versus expenses are at the perfect line. With no restrictions on how much you wish to scale your project, our proxy pay-as-you-go solution opens up a window of opportunity once again.

But what if the opposite happens? What if you purchased more than you need? You can always go backward and purchase a smaller amount of traffic the next time you make a purchase. This creates a very obvious difference between traditional subscription plans and the proxy pay-as-you-go: you are not inclined to keep up with the subscription on, say, a month-to-month basis. You can choose how much traffic you want, whenever you want.

And since our proxy pay-as-you-go solution is built-in within the self-service, there is no need to negotiate with a sales representative and look for solutions together with them. You can simply go ahead and scale as you wish, whether on the bigger side or the smaller one.

Proxy Pay-As-You-Go: Key Takeaways

To sum up the whole idea of our newest addition, proxy pay-as-you-go, you should consider the following features and benefits:

  • Freedom of choice: choose from 1 GB to 999 GB as you wish, B2B or B2C;
  • Convenient payments: payments can be made via PayPal and credit cards;
  • No subscription: your choice does not recur; purchases are made on your needs;
  • Same features: your purchase grants you the same features as with regular recurring subscriptions;
  • Residential IPs: currently, proxy pay-as-you-go is available for rotating residential proxies only;
  • Self-service: proxy pay-as-you-go is available via the self-service for comfortable scaling at your own pace.

So, ready to take your business projects to the next level? Want to experiment or just have the freedom to choose how much traffic you need? Head on to the self-service and try out the proxy pay-as-you-go! Your freedom, your pace, your choice.

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Matas has strong background knowledge of information technology and services, computer and network security. Matas areas of expertise include cybersecurity and related fields, growth, digital, performance, and content marketing, as well as hands-on experience in both the B2B and B2C markets.


What Are Rotating Residential Proxies?
Rotating Residential Proxies offer you the best solution for scaling your scraping without getting blocked.

Rotating proxies provide a different IP each time you make a request. With this automated rotation of IPs, you get unlimited scraping without any detection. It provides an extra layer of anonymity and security for higher-demand web scraping needs.

IP addresses change automatically, so after the initial set up you’re ready to scrape as long and much as you need. IPs may shift after a few hours, a few minutes or after each session depending on your configuration. We do this by pulling legitimate residential IPs from our pool.
Why Do You Need Rotating Residential Proxies?
There are a number of use cases for rotating residential proxies. One of the most common ones is bypassing access limitations.

Some websites have specific measures in place to block IP access after a certain number of requests over an extended period of time.

This limits your activity and hinders scalability. With rotating residential IP addresses, it's almost impossible for websites to detect that you are the same user, so you can continue scraping with ease.
When to Use Static Residential Proxies Instead?
There are particular cases where static residential proxies may be more useful for your needs, such as accessing services that require logins.

Rotating IPs might lead to sites not functioning well if they are more optimised for regular use from a single IP.

Learn if our static residential proxies are a better fit for your needs.
Can I choose the IP location by city?
Yes. GoProxies has IPs spread across almost every country and city worldwide.
Can I choose the IP location by country state?
Yes. GoProxies has IPs spread across X countries with localised IPs in every state.

What is Pay As You Go plan?

The Pay-As-You-Go plan allows you to purchase the exact amount of traffic that you wish, ranging from 1 GB to 999 GBs. You pay just for this, without commitment to a subscription plan.

How to pay for Pay As You Go?

You can access the Pay-As-You-Go feature via the self-service and decide on how many gigabytes you need.

What payment methods are available for Pay As You Go?

Payments can be made using credit cards and PayPal.

Can I get a refund for Pay As You Go payments?

Pay-As-You-Go payments are not refundable.

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